1. Q: Can I amend my order after checkout?
  • A: Once the order is placed, it is considered that the order details have been finalised. It is of the customer’s responsibility to make sure the right items are chosen before checkout. 
  1. Q: Can I add more items after checkout?
  • A: We are afraid it will be treated as a new order and relevant delivery charges might apply.
  1. Q: Can I change my shipping address after the order is dispatched?
  • A: No change of shipping address is allowed or the customer will be responsible for the possible loss of products.
  1. Q: If the item is sold out, can I still get it?
  • A: Sure! Pre-orders are welcome. We will order your item immediately but delivery time might take a bit longer than usual. We will have to let you know when the item is back in stock.