About Karnana

Karlili, founder of Karnana.com, is a professional stylist with a wealth of experience working with celebrities on their personal images based on their character and figure. She has been receiving positive feedback from her long-term customers.

As a smart buyer, Karlili chooses Quality over Quantity! Therefore, the collections on the website are all hand picked by Karlili herself and have been filtered through her stringent criteria. To keep this service promise, she often flies around to source pieces that are of high quality but at reasonable prices, especially from Korea and Japan.

With her unique fashion sense and experience, Karlili provides more than just an online shopping channel for her customers. Instead of showcasing separate pieces, she puts together her ideas with full outfits and her customers love it. Therefore, most of them would buy the whole sets, and they save time shopping here!

Karlili believes “Fashion doesn’t define who you are, style does.” :) Check out what we have here and find your style now!